How does LandscapeHub work?

LandscapeHub makes it easy to quote, source, and order landscape material online.

A transparent marketplace

mission-2  Our mission

LandscapeHub was founded on a mission to make the lives of green industry professionals better. We set out to do that by connecting landscape buyers and suppliers through a transparent online marketplace. We find high-quality distributors, nurseries, and hard good suppliers across the country, list their up-to-date inventory and pricing, and enable online ordering.

How ordering works

step 1  Create your free account

As long as you are a landscape professional, you can sign up and order through LandscapeHub at no cost. Once you create an account, you'll get instant access to up-to-date pricing and inventory across our network. Be sure to include a company email and company name, so we can verify you are a landscape professional. Sign up today

🚨 Attention Suppliers or Companies with Existing Accounts
It's best to reach out to our team to setup a new account if you are a supplier or someone in your company already has LandscapeHub account. You can reach our team at

step 2  Build an order

Start with a new cart

Cart Details ModalLike most e-commerce websites, LandscapeHub has a cart that you will add products to before ordering. However, we have a few additional features that make our carts special. You will be asked to name each cart so you can associate them to specific projects. You can also add additional project information like your PO number or tax exempt certificates. All carts you create will be automatically saved indefinitely until you decide to delete them or submit an order. 

Because you can have multiple carts, you are able to switch between projects easily. You can also export your cart as a pdf to create a quick quote for your project.

Search availabilities

Search bar with suggestionTo find material from your list, start searching. You have two main ways to search:

    • 🌳 By Product: Use the main search bar to search by product name (botanical or common names supported).
      Search products
    • 📍 By Supplier: Use the supplier directory to search specific supplier inventory. To do this, go to the Supplier Directory and search by the supplier's name. Then, you can click through to view their availability and quickly search their products.
      Search suppliers

Add items to your active cart

Add to cart interfaceOnce you find what you need, simply enter the quantity you need and click 'Add to Cart'. The item will be added to your active cart. You can view and edit the item in your cart with our mini-cart features which is available at the top of product and supplier pages.

Request photos or tag material

Request photo interfaceAre you ready to order but need to confirm an item meets certain specifications? You can request a photo from the supplier through LandscapeHub. We alert the supplier to your request, and they can upload the photo or answer other questions you might have. LandscapeHub's support team can also assist with follow-up questions or special requests including tagging material in person. Learn more about photos requests

step 3  Submit an order

Review your cart and proceed to checkout

Cart summary interfaceWhen you are ready to order, go to your cart by click the button in the top right corner. Review all items, and ensure you are meeting any order minimums set by the supplier. Select 'Proceed to checkout' if everything looks good.

🗒️ Important Note: you can add products from multiple suppliers to a single cart. This allows you to build a cart per job. Once you complete checkout, each supplier will receive a separate order.

Select timing, pickup or delivery, and payment method

Checkout fulfillment optionsNow, you'll need to add a few details about when and where you need the order.

    • Fulfillment type: If you select delivery, the supplier will add freight costs later if they are able to provide delivery. If a supplier is unable to deliver, LandscapeHub’s logistics team will arrange shipping with one of our 3rd-party freight carriers who have experience handling plant material.
    • Delivery date: Select the most likely date you'll need the material. Our support team can assist if there are changes later.
    • Payment method: We can accept credit cards, electronic check, and trade credit for payment. We will only collect payment once the material is received.

What happens after I click 'Place Order'?

So what's next? Once you complete checkout, each supplier is notified and need to review the order and fulfillment details. You'll receive an email as soon as the order is confirmed.

step 4  Fulfillment and payment

Order support

We know things happen, and you may need to adjust your order after it's confirmed. LandscapeHub has a team of industry experts ready to assist if something arises. Just notify our team as soon as possible of any changes, and we'll work with the supplier to resolve any issues. Contact us through our live chat, email, or (312) 601-9986. 


Order with invoiceYou will pay LandscapeHub directly for all orders made through our site. Once an order is received, we'll invoice the order. You'll be able to view all invoices on your Orders page. If you have a credit card on file, no further action is needed. If you want to pay by check or electronic check, follow the instructions on your invoice.

Have more questions? You can reach our team at