Takeoff Monkey + LandscapeHub Integration

Takeoff Monkey is a construction takeoff service to assist contractors of various sizes to enhance their bids which allows them to submit more bids due to the time savings, accuracy, and simplicity that Takeoff Monkey provides.

How does the LandscapeHub x Takeoff Money work?

When you work with Takeoff Money to create your bid,  they will use your list of plants provided to source the material so you can submit bids faster while having confidence in the accuracy they provide their users. Each excel spreadsheet contains a list of material totals so you can copy and paste the data into your estimating template or platform of choice.

At the top of the provided spreadsheet, you will see a LandscapeHub button. When selecting this button, your entire list will be mapped to a supplier, price, and freight estimate. Both LandscapeHub and Takeoff Money are free to use, so give it a try on your next bid!


For more information and to view the integration in action, check out this short video - Watch Now!