SBI Software + LandscapeHub Integration

SBI Software users can now provide live access to their inventory direct from their system to LandscapeHub.

How to turn on the integration from within your SBI Software environment:

Step 1: Log in to SBI Software using your existing credentials. From the main menu, select Contact Manager, then select Customers in the sub-menu.


Step 2: From the Customers screen, search for Landscape Hub while using Search Mode and select Landscape Hub as a customer. From the Customer screen, select Bill-To and click the Contacts button.


Step 3: Once on the Contacts screen, you will see Bill-To:Landscape Hub with the Title "Data", First name: "Ajay" and Last Name "Jakate." Select the Broker API checkbox. 

This will send LandscapeHub an email to invitation to start accessing your live inventory in SBI Software.