As a supplier, how do I benefit by managing photo requests on LandscapeHub?

Spoiler alert: photo requests will help you gain new business

When a buyer searches on LandscapeHub, they can search inventory for suppliers they already work with and search for suppliers that are new to them. Potential buyers are most likely unfamiliar with the inventory when shopping from a new supplier. We vet every supplier for quality assurance, but buyers often want to see the product before purchasing it, especially when shopping from a new supplier. The photo request feature on LandscapeHub enables suppliers to make a great first impression with new customers and interact with them directly on LandscapeHub. 

The photo request feature is the framework we are using to build out additional communication features on the platform. Our users have been asking for direct supplier-to-buyer communication, and we are excited that this feature is the first step in delivering on our commitment to listening to and implementing feedback from our users. The ability to communicate directly with buyers and showcase your exact product with a photo will help you gain new customers while strengthening the relationship you have built with your existing customer base.

Photos are sent and received via the LandscapeHub message inbox, where you can communicate with the buyer by sharing photos, details, and specifications about the product giving buyers peace of mind and helping you close more sales. The ability to easily manage photo requests is a big win for the landscaping industry. Seeing photos of inventory before it arrives at a work site contributes to the buyer and supplier's overall satisfaction. 

If you have any questions about photo requests, don't hesitate to contact our team at