Why do I want to post discounts for buyers?

Every supplier has their own way of measuring discounts, in many cases, the discount is based on a customer’s previous year's spend and are up to the discretion of the supplier. Many suppliers in our network currently honor their customers existing volume discounts when ordering through LandscapeHub. 

When customers have their supplier discounts honored on LandscapeHub, it allows them to view real-time pricing as they search your inventory, create quotes, and place orders. They can quickly build accurate quotes and orders, encouraging them to place an order with you through the site with ease. 

This also makes it very simple for a supplier to manage their volume discounts for customers in one place. From your LandscapeHub dashboard, you can quickly navigate to the discounts section to see who has a discount with your business and the percentage associated with that discount. LandscapeHub can provide additional information to help manage and assign customer discounts. 

At LandscapeHub, we support both the buyers and suppliers. For many buyers, being able to apply their volume discount online is a must-have. If you would like to discuss the Discount program that best fits the needs of your business, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing support@landscapehub.com