How does LandscapeHub handle requests for photos?

Buyers can now request photos of available inventory on LandscapeHub. This new feature enables suppliers to make a great first impression with new customers, showcase their inventory, and interact with buyers directly on LandscapeHub while giving buyers confidence in ordering from new vendors.

How photo requests work for buyers:

  1. As a buyer, you can request up to 5 photos a day per supplier. In the photo request, you can include any additional specifications or details for the supplier.
  2. You will receive an email notification when the supplier responds to the initial request. Following this notification, you will need to check back to your LandscapeHub message inbox.
  3. You can then view and download the photos from your inbox and communicate directly with the supplier.

How photo requests work for suppliers: 

  1. As a supplier, you will receive a daily email of the previous day's photo requests. From here you will be taken to your landscapeHub message inbox to respond to the buyer. 
  2. You can respond from your phone by taking a live photo or uploading directly from your camera roll. You are also able to respond to requests using your computer photo library. 
  3. communicate with the prospective buyer by indicating details or specifications on the inquired product.