Accepted payment methods

Details on accepted payment methods and processes

Accepted payment methods

LandscapeHub accepts payment via credit card, ECheck/ACH, and trade credit (upon approval). No charges will be made to your selected payment method until your order has been fulfilled and product pricing is final. 

 All Payment methods can be managed from the Payments section of your account Settings.

Payment process

LandscapeHub requires the payment method you select at checkout to be approved and on file prior to our growers and suppliers receiving any details of your order. 

If your method is approved, you should see a green check mark next to it on the checkout page: 

To ensure a quick and seamless ordering process, we recommend adding payment details as soon as possible after submitting your first order to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.

Your payment method will be charged at the time of invoicing, unless other terms apply. 

Trade Credit 

LandscapeHub is happy to offer credit to qualified buyers.  To apply, please fill out the credit application and send to We will review the application and credit references, which may take up to 10 days.  Once approved, you will receive a letter/email with your credit limit and payment terms.  

Questions? Email us at