Fulfillment Partner Program Overview

What is the Fulfillment Partner Program?

The Fulfillment Partner Program (FPP) is an initiative from LandscapeHub that is designed to add value and efficiency to the existing supply chain. The program provides buyers with more fulfillment options. Buyers are now able to select product directly from participating growers / manufacturers and have that select product land at (be fulfilled by) participating distribution centers at a cost plus price.

When can I participate?

The program is now live on LandscapeHub.com!

Who is this program for?

Any buyer that has flexibility in time (1-3 weeks) for fulfillment of materials.

What does it mean for me as a buyer?

You now have more fulfillment options for your orders including pricing of product, timing of availability and logistics. Now you can source product from some of your preferred suppliers via your local LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partners and pick them up within 1-3 weeks (or arrange for local delivery).

What's different about the ordering process?

There are a few subtle differences when sourcing items via a LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partner:

  1. You are still ordering goods from one of our wholesale suppliers, but instead of working with LandscapeHub to coordinate fulfillment logistics directly with them, we will work with the designated Fulfillment Partner to coordinate pickup or delivery. The Fulfillment Partner takes care of ordering the product from the supplier themselves. 
  2. Fulfillment Partners charge an additional fee on the book price of an item from one of our suppliers. This price represents the total Landed Cost for the Fulfillment Partners to provide the product to you. The Landed Cost represents the cost for the Fulfillment Partner to obtain, store, and handle the product before you pick it up (or they locally deliver it to you for an additional fee).

Where are our LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partners located?

We currently have Fulfillment Partners in the following markets: Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Columbus, OH; and Baltimore, MD. We are adding new markets in the coming weeks and months. If you are a distribution center and are interested in becoming a participating partner in this program, please contact us fpp@landscapehub.com.

How do I identify a LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partner?

While searching for & quoting items on LandscapeHub, you'll see an indicator for one of our Fulfillment Partners underneath the name of the supplier they are sourcing the item from:

You'll also see an indicator like this for the remainder of the quoting/ordering process:

The Fulfillment Partner icon identifies our participating distributor partners who can provide buyers with more fulfillment options for orders. Buyers now have more choices for product, pricing, and the timing of fulfillment for product purchased through LandscapeHub.

Who do I reach out to for questions about shipping?

Send an email to orders@landscapehub.com and provide the Order Number from LandscapeHub.com:

Who do I reach out to for questions about pickups?

Pickups will occur at the LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partner from which you ordered the items. You'll receive an email with a Bill of Lading that contains information about the exact pickup location, and you can also find that information on LandscapeHub.com when looking at any of your submitted quotes: